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Bringing this Site out of Mothballs!

After nearly a three-year hiatus, I will attempt to kickstart this old blog, and see if anyone is still out there. Now where did I put that engine crank… Continue reading

Saying Good-Bye to a Reluctant Superstar

Marking the passing of a reluctant superstar, Neil Peart or Rush. His impact on drumming and music in general is unquestionable. His impact on my life, personally, is equally so. Good-bye for now my unknown friend.  Thanks for the inspiration, travel safely… Continue reading

Good-bye AdvantiPro, Hello AdvantiPro!

After nearly a year as Director of Internet Technologies, I move to Chief Technology Officer and, along with two partners, step into an ownership role! Hold on tightly, folks! Continue reading

Good-bye Netbiscuits, Hello AdvantiPro!

Sadly, after more than four years as a Senior Developer at Netbiscuits, I am moving on. My new adventure is as the Director of Internet Technologies at AdvantiPro. I have much work ahead of me, and certainly more than a few challenges, but that’s just the way I like it. I cannot wait to dig in and get my hands dirty! Continue reading

Help kids play like we used to play

A good friend of mine, , and a group of his friends are running a Kickstarter campaign to provide NYC kids with an open, free and creative playground environment, aptly called play:ground. Please watch their video and consider contributing to … Continue reading