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Steve Souders Takes on Website Performance and @font-face

Once again Steve Souders proves why he is the go-to source for website performance in this in-depth study on how @font-face affects website performance. The main obstacles are FOUT (in FF) and what I will call a “page-blocker” in IE … Continue reading

Develop websites with @font-face!

So, @font-face has been around forever, right?  And it is never going to catch on, right?  We’re going to have to cut graphic headers for any good-looking font for the rest of our careers, right? Bah, I say! How do … Continue reading

Use FREE fonts and @font-face to develop your website

[Editors note: Check-out my other post for @font-face development details.] For YEARS we’ve been wanting to use @font-face to give us more than the, what, 6-7? web-safe fonts that we can comfortably use cross-browser… And while many prefer to bash … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Most of us probably have a template we use to start new HTML docs, but I thought Accesssify‘s MarkupMaker was a clever idea, and quite well implemented! * The anal-retentive in me couldn’t pass-up suggesting he add rel=”stylesheet” to the … Continue reading