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Fix disappearing fullscreen video in Firefox

Videos opened in fullscreen-mode in Firefox were disappearing, so I had to track down the solution. It wasn’t obvious, but after years of working in mobile, I suspected it had to do with CSS transform… Here is my solution. Continue reading

Quickly navigate to a command line in Windows

What’s the quickest way to open a command line window, already in a specific directory? Find out! Continue reading

How to prevent LESS from calculating string values

CSS Preprocessors are great at doing calculations for you, but what happens when you don’t want them to? Escaping is easy, once you know how… Continue reading

Today’s Readings

The latest installment in my “Today’s Readings” series, offering my rants and thoughts based on findings from around the world-wide web. Happy reading! Continue reading

Use a shortcode to add a vcard to your WordPress content

Does anybody remember vcards? Does anybody still use them?? Does anybody still care??? Apparently Google does, so maybe you should too… Continue reading