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“YQL: YnotQL?” Presentation

A presentation I recently gave about the power of YQL! Widget courtesy of Google Web Elements Enjoy, Atg Top⇪

A Valid XHTML & CSS Lightbox (no JavaScript)

Ok, I know this is slightly old, and I know there have been a few posts about it, but seriously, how can this have not completely revolutionized the way EVERYBODY does lightbox-style overlays??? The perfect combination of POSH and fairly-basic … Continue reading

Check if HTML5 and CSS3 Work in Your Browser

This will be a brief one, but worth it, I think.  Allow me to introduce you to I’m not sure why the developer feels the need to display my IP Address back to me, something about that makes me … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Tamura Jones provides a very thorough write-up about Google Chrome Frame.  I am not a fan of the detection and implementation method (i.e. adding a meta tag to every page, just to catch some users, but it is what it … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

This will be a sporadic post, while I scramble though a week+ of unread RSS feeds, catching up from time spent developing and launching the latest client launch for the UX Test Kitchen… If you have ever tried to create … Continue reading

I Haven’t Seen Any Post in my Google Reader Lately…

That’s what my good friend, Dan Mendelsohn, had to say to me yesterday.  And Dan is right, my last post was September 30…  that’s nearly, what, 4-5 months in Internet-time? Well, my lag has been (I think) well-justified…  We at … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Stumbled across a new developer tool,, that grabs and displays all the colors from a single CSS file into an editable color palette.  When I first loaded the CSS file for this site, I have to say I was … Continue reading

Google Chrome Frame Helps IE6 be a Better Browser

I was recently forwarded an article about Google’s Chrome Frame ass a method to finally (sort of) get rid of IE6.  Google Chrome Frame (GCF) is an browser plug-in developed solely for Internet Explorer (IE) users that will “convert” any … Continue reading

A better method of “supporting” IE6?

TobyJoe writes about supporting IE6: “Instead of refusing content to IE6 users or breaking brand guidelines by disrupting their experience with a patronizing notice, why not relegate them into a tier of Content-Level Support as opposed to Design Support.” At … Continue reading

Mannahatta Project – Explore New York City in 1609

For anyone that knows New York, loves nature, maps or history, this is a terrific project: “Have you ever wondered what New York was like before it was a city? Find out here, by navigating through the map below … Continue reading