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Today’s Readings

The latest installment in my “Today’s Readings” series, offering my rants and thoughts based on findings from around the world-wide web. Today’s topics include a11y, CSS, debugging tips, fetchpriority, grid, LCP, performance, PWAs, the View Transitions API and more. Happy reading! Continue reading

Today’s Readings

With the current events of the world, it is hard to focus or care about work-related things… But I feel it is also critical to try to find other mental outlets, lest we spiral into complete and total despair… With that in mind, I will try re-route some of my attention to the world of web technologies. Please consider giving yourself a break, too, with the latest “Today’s Readings”. Today’s topics include Performance, CWV & INP, CSS animation, DevTools, responsive images and more. Happy reading! Continue reading

Performance Audits: What’s in your Checklist?

Performance audits are an invaluable step in fine-tuning a site’s performance. But man there is a lot to look at… Here I offer my starter list. Anything you’s like to see added? Happy auditing! Continue reading

Replace JS with no-JS (or lo-JS) Options

An attempt at cataloging features that once required JS, but no longer do (or at least soon won’t), so we can all remove as much JS as possible. Happy reducing! Continue reading

bfcache: Improve Back & Forward Page Views

Back/forward cache (or bfcache) is a browser optimization that enables instant back and forward navigation. It is now supported in all modern browsers and requires nothing from you to work. Other than, not to break it, that is… Happy caching! Continue reading

Total Blocking Time (TBT): Debugging and Fixing

Total Blocking Time (TBT) is the time between a user seeing something and being able to interact with it. In other words, it is the time that your code prevents a user from interacting with your page…. Happy reading! Continue reading

Using the User Timing API to Record Custom Performance Metrics

We have always had some form of testing metric. Back in the day we used things like the window.onload event or something similar. Then we started getting more sophisticated with TTFB, FCP, etc. Finally, along came CWVs, which continue to grow and evolve. But sometimes you just need to measure something that isn’t covered by all of these. And that’s where the User Timing API comes in. Happy reading! Continue reading

Using Resource Hints to Improve the Page Load Experience

As webpages become more complex, they also become larger and slower. The browser then has a tougher time finding all of the assets it needs. But we can help by giving the browser a few hints… Happy hinting! Continue reading

Record a Performance in DevTools, then Replay it in WebPageTest

WebPageTest (WPT) recently released a Chrome Extension that allows you to record an experience in DevTools, export that experience, then add that export to WPT to run as a test. Happy testing! Continue reading

Add Scripts to Your WebPageTest Tests

Oh the heals of my “Getting to Know… WebPageTest” article, I present an add-on of sorts, showing how to add and use scripts to your tests. Happy scripting! Continue reading