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Finally, an update to my Boilerplate: Starkers WP Theme!

Well, it took nearly 9 months, but the first real update to my Boilerplate: Starkers WP Theme is live! The update includes all of the current HTML5 Boilerplate updates that are applicable to WordPress. WordPress’ process still doesn’t allow me … Continue reading

My First WP Theme: “Boilerplate: Starkers”

Building on the shoulders of giants, I present to you the Boilerplate: Starkers WordPress theme! Having been thoroughly inspired yet again by Paul Irish, this time working with Divya Manian, and their HTML5 Boilerplate, I couldn’t wait to build all … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Want to get away?  The most remote places on Earth… I’ve said it before, and I’ll surely say again about Paul Irish: you are a mad man!  He and Divya Manian have created another HTML5/CSS5 “readiness” site, but this time … Continue reading

“Microformats: Finally Coming of Age?” Presentation

A presentation I recently gave about the bold new steps the world of Microformats has taken recently, most notably enhanced search results in Google! Widget courtesy of Google Web Elements Enjoy, Atg Top⇪

Today’s Readings

The one example in the video is enough to make me think that Weave, from Mozilla Labs, could be a hugely beneficial tool to install!  Who hasn’t been out-and-about and wished they had access to something on their desktop? A … Continue reading

Introducing the New & Improved

Since the day I launched this blog, I basically stopped thinking about my name-sake page,  I converted it to a portal page, just linking out to the various locations you can find information about me on the web, and … Continue reading

Google: Still Building a Better Search Engine

How many of you are like me when it comes to searching for something on Google?  I type in a phrase, maybe make one or two adjustments to my search phrase if needed, before giving up and trying something desperate … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

In the far, far distant future, like maybe by the year 2010, apparently watches will be able to tell their owners when the next bus will arrive…  Delusional crazy-talk, if you ask me… New offering from the lads at ClearLeft, … Continue reading

I Haven’t Seen Any Post in my Google Reader Lately…

That’s what my good friend, Dan Mendelsohn, had to say to me yesterday.  And Dan is right, my last post was September 30…  that’s nearly, what, 4-5 months in Internet-time? Well, my lag has been (I think) well-justified…  We at … Continue reading

Developing websites with HTML5 and CSS3

With this new blog, comes new technology: this blog is written using HTML5 and a dash of CSS3. When I set out to finally create this blog, I decided it would be home to all the latest and greatest news … Continue reading