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Quickly navigate to a command line in Windows

What’s the quickest way to open a command line window, already in a specific directory? Find out! Continue reading

Today’s Readings

The latest installment in my “Today’s Readings” series, offering my rants and thoughts based on findings from around the world-wide web. Happy reading! Continue reading

Today’s Readings

I wrote some time ago about the Tractor Beam and the Tricorder both slowly moving from Star Trek to reality. Now we’re talking about the Universal Translator. “But we already have Google Translate and Siri,” you say? Well watch this … Continue reading

Windows 7 + (Chrome > 17) = WTF?

Update: This has been resolved, see my comment from 2012-Dec-06. And in this special case, WTF stands for: What’s with The Font-rendering… This has happened to me a couple times now, and each time I have filed a bug, waited, … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

The first to come after “the big blog move of 2010“.  Been busy, haven’t read a lot lately, so, get something to drink, maybe a snack, this is going to be a long one… Wouldn’t this be awesome if every … Continue reading