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Today’s Readings

A great history lesson in what will probably go down as the biggest step in HTML5 early-adoption.  Nice to be able to give credit where credit is due… Omg… Now you can “street” view the ocean… Living in Manhattan it … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

It is oft’ said that it is the little things in life that matters. In this case, it is the little big details that matter, offering you an ongoing collection of small details that make a huge difference in user … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Well, fresh back from Marianne’s and my 10th anniversary trip to Paris, I find this little treasure in my RSS Reader: a time-lapse video of Paris! Really beautifully shot. I wonder when he took all the photos, because there were … Continue reading

Sencha Animator: CSS3 Animations, Coded for You

Just stumbled across the Sencha Animator.  It’s sort of Flash, but the output is HTML and CSS3 instead of a SWF! Pretty powerful, if you check out some of the demos.  The “Page Flip Demo” uses an interesting combination of … Continue reading

Developing for WebKit Browsers

If you’re “lucky” enough to find yourself developing for iThings, you know you’re in a mixed-blessing situation: on one hand, you get a chance to play with absolute cutting-edge technology, pushing the browser as far as it can go, using … Continue reading